CCTV Installation

CCTV Installation

Complete CCTV system supply, installation and maintenance. Monitor your premises, business or home with closed-circuit television.

AAC offer a range CCTV systems that can operate stand alone or integrate with your access control system to monitor poeple coming in/going out of premises. CCTV systems provide an ongoing monitoring facility that is digitally recorded and can be reviewed as and when necessary.

As well as being an useful tool providing crime deterrent and detection; CCTV can also provide valuable information such traffic monitoring for busy areas and additional support to security staff.

CCTV systems can be installed and configured to provide additional security to external areas such as car parks or walkways.

CCTV Demonstration

We can also provide a demonstration of CCTV products direct at your offices/location. This allows customers to see the quality of the system before purchase.

To arrange a demonstration or discuss your requirements please contact us.

  • Record up to 32 GB on removable SD card. PIR Activated.
  • Automatically records visitors and unwanted callers including audio.
  • View on 2.8″ TFT LCD before opening the door.
  • Camera: 4 LED’s for night time illumination.
  • 3 x Digital Zoom. IR motion detection 2~3 meters; lateral 80 degrees.
  • Suitable for doors 35mm – 55mm ~ 55mm – 85mm ~ 85mm – 105mm. Peephole Barrel Dia. 15mm.
  • Recorder: T& D, Auto Sleep mode, record format JPEG, Built in memory 62 M, up to 32 GB SD card (not included) 3.7V, 1800 mAh lithium rechargeable battery (included).
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As well as being a crime deterrent, CCTV helps monitor busy areas and provide useful support to security staff.To discuss your requirements; call 01224 899383 or complete our quote request form.
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