Emergency & Security Lighting

Emergency & Security Lighting

Aberdeen Alarm offer a range of security and emergency lighting systems for the home or commercial property.

Properly installed security lighting gives added security to your property and the people within it. Driveways paths or car parks are easier to navigate when visibility is increased by the use of lighting. Areas that may otherwise attract thieves or burglars can be made more secure by the use of good lighting.

Our security lighting systems come with a range of detectors and sensors which make running costs economical.

Aberdeen Alarm is experienced in installing emergency lighting to meet the regulatory requirements of commercial & public use buildings.

It is imperative that in emergency situations that lighting comes on if the normal lighting fails. This lighting needs to be bright enough and on long enough, and the lights situated appropriately so that the occupants of a building can be evacuated safely in an emergency.

Having the right signs in the right place will help ensure the safe evacuation of staff in the event of a fire and will also ensure you comply with Health and Safety regulations.

Make sure your property and people are properly protected.
Security lighting provides added security whilst emergency lighting comes on in the even of power failure in emergency situations. Call us on 01224 899383 to discuss your emergency and security lighting requirements
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