A Light in the Darkness

In recent times it's been cold, very wet and, inevitably for the time of year, dark!

Simple tasks like taking the rubbish out or tidying up outside become difficult if not impossible before and after work, and then there is the feeling of being less secure with the possibility of burglars being able to get closer to your home because of the dark.

Security lighting, of course, is an excellent functional answer to these problems. However, security lighting has, traditionally, been somewhat unattractive and, if you've spent time and money ensuring your home looks tip-top inside and out, an ugly light stuck onto the outside walls - particularly near the front or back doors, or both, is an unappealing prospect.

The great news is that time has moved on and it is now possible for most homeowners to afford the sleek, well-designed models that previously were only accessible for large estates or commercial properties. Let's take a look at the kind of thing that has changed and the options this brings to you as a proud homeowner.

A prime force driving style change in security lighting is the integration of small passive infra-red sensors (PIRs). Integrating these into the light fitting has allowed designers to move to a more centre-stage position and, with them, have come improvements in the overall style of the fitting itself.

Whilst not a new technology, motion sensors are now being used to better effect so that sophistication does not end with the turning on or off of the whole light. Many systems allow some light to be on to light the name or number of the house or just provide a lower level of light in the immediate area of the doorway whilst stronger lighting is triggered when motion is detected. This provides a dual function combining ordinary lighting needs with increased protection.

What about pets? Security lighting now comes in pet-friendly form and does not to trigger every time a dog or a cat walks past. Be sure to ask about this feature if you have pets.

One of the prime functions of security lighting is, of course, as a burglar deterrent. Some models of security lighting can also be integrated into your home alarm system providing that extra layer of security and protection.

Most homeowners considering security lighting will be recommended lighting above or close to the front door and in the back garden. Additional lighting may be recommended for areas around the house where someone might easily conceal themselves. However, at Aberdeen Alarm Company, we treat each of our clients as individuals and will assess their needs and discuss their wishes carefully with them before finally agreeing the best configuration for their particular home.

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