Intruder Alarms for office premises, commercial sites, shops and homes.

An intruder / alarm system is a proven solution to preventing theft in your home or commercial property; giving added protection and peace of mind.

We offer a range of technically advanced intruder / burglar alarm systems including:

  • hard wired alarm systems
  • wireless alarm systems
  • monitored alarm systems
  • silent intruder alarm systems
  • alarm systems linked in with CCTV

The security of your people, property and profits is crucial to the ongoing operation of your business. Well-designed security systems and procedures are essential for minimising the risks and ensuring business continuity for a sustainable and profitable business.

AAC will work with you to design the best solution for your business in terms of level of risk and budget. Using a variety of different security strategies, we can blend the protection of your people, property and profits discreetly and seamlessly with your standard operations.

Good security design starts with at the initial design stage of a building or development. If you are designing from scratch or if you're refurbishing an existing building, the sooner we get involved the more unobtrusively we can design-out crime and risk to provide safe and secure environment for your operations.

Our design team can prepare systems ranging from basic domestic intruder detection through to fully integrated systems for larger commercial sites or premises.

Aberdeen Alarm Company is a certified SSAIB Intruder Alarm System member; all designs would be based on the new European Standards which were introduced in October 2005.

Aberdeen Alarm Company can provide assurance that any new intruder system will be installed to the very highest standard and therefore comply with PD6662: 2004.

A full range of intruder accessories are available, with our Consultants selecting the most suitable detection devices for your individual project including Wireless Intruder Systems which are becoming increasingly popular within the Residential Market.

Wireless domestic alarms are a popular and convenient choice in domestic situations, as they can be installed with the minimum of fuss or mess and without defacing internal decor, fixtures or fittings.

Properly installed domestic alarms that are correctly maintained, helps reduce insurance costs and risk of intruders.

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