Protect those you care about, your property and your possessions with CCTV

CCTV has played an increasing role in improving security for businesses. This security technology is easily accessible to home owners seeking similar levels of protection for their homes and loved ones.

CCTV systems can be tailored to suit your needs and preferences and made to meet different budgets.

Illustrated below are three popular choices amongst our domestic & residential clients:

Essential - AAC Digital Door Viewers

Suitable for homes, flats and apartments, our Security Digital Door Viewer provides peace of mind and a measure of protection from unwanted visitors.  With a high quality door security camera and infrared (IR) motion detection within a range of 2-3 metres, it records video and audio and stores it onto a removable SD card for playback or storage on a computer.

A video screen for easy viewing and recording replaces the traditional peephole many rely on to ensure that they don't take risks with their safety when answering the door to unexpected visitors.

In the new digital door viewer the lens is mounted on the outside, so that users can view live video before answering the door. The recorded video can also just be viewed on the screen if preferred. Ideal for senior citizens and people living alone, our Security Digital Door Viewers are an affordable security enhancement to your home. Further details of the specifications can be found on our CCTV services page.

Enhanced - Homeowner Monitored CCTV

Keep a closer eye on your property with a professionally installed CCTV system. See who is at your front gate and check that no-one is loitering around your home or nearby. CCTV cameras are an effective burglar deterrent and afford an extra level of security just by being there. From a small, simple system up to a more state-of-the-art installation for larger properties and those who want a higher level of protection, Aberdeen Alarm Company can provide what you need. With our Enhanced - Homeowner Monitored CCTV service, you get all the equipment you need to check on the security of your home and family. Check for threats when you're away from home through any web browser or through a mobile phone app.

Prime - Professionally Monitored CCTV

Whilst our Homeowner Monitored CCTV service is an excellent choice for many, a professional monitoring service provides an extra sense of security. Let us do the monitoring when you don't have time to check the security cameras; don't have access to the Internet, or when you prefer complete peace of mind. Should an alarm be triggered, the monitoring service will take immediate action.

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We have extensive knowledge of fire and security systems and years of experience in installing solutions to meet specific fire and security needs; from small systems right through to state-of-the-art installations for large properties with complex requirements and for those who are looking for a superior level of protection.

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