Securing Farms & Rural Premises

The security challenges facing farms and other rural properties can often be complex. 

Farming businesses today are 'bigger', operate using less manpower and can be spread far and wide, particularly during the busiest periods of the year. Farmers are in the fairly unique position of living on their business premises adding the need to protect family and loved ones as well as livestock, equipment and buildings. Unfortunately though the 'spread-out' nature of a farm makes it more susceptible to theft. 

CCTV can help farmers and rural property owners monitor livestock as well as providing a high level of security for family, equipment and properties. Wi-Fi and/or Wired Networks make life a little easier on a farm. Some customers find it helpful to have Remote Monitoring & Control of vital systems. Our Intruder Alarms are not only a good visual deterrent to burglars but will provide vital early warnings and allow prompt action when things do go wrong. Whatever your need, Aberdeen Alarm Company have a service to fit.